LeCenter, Minnesota

Traxlers Hunting Preserve

Traxler’s Hunting Preserve began in 1987 when Jeff took out a loan from his grandmother Dorthy. With $5000 in hand, he started his business in his father, Dale’s, shed.

Now, 30 plus years later we at Traxler’s Hunting Preserve continue to serve our friends, family, and customers. Together, and with our devoted staff, we wish to thank all of our loyal customers for visiting us at Traxler’s.

We look forward to many years to come.

Our preserve is your own private hunting area; a place to get away with family and friends, or alone. Traxler’s is over 800 acres of rolling hills, woods, lakes, sloughs, fields, natural grasses and brush that provide the perfect environment for your hunt. It’s a great place to get away for a few hours, or even a few days! Your hunt can be long or short, easy or challenging, we have an option for any hunter’s needs.

If you need to be convinced, just check out the panoramic views of the preserve.


Our waterfowl shoots will get you ready for the season! This is a fast action shoot sure to test your skills.


Our pheasant hunts are some of the best preserve hunts located just outside of Minneapolis. We have plenty of fields to accommodate large and small groups alike.


Looking to do some dog training? Or just looking to try something different. Our chukar hunts can be included with your pheasant hunts to give you some variety.

About Our Preserve

Our specialty is bird hunting. Good hearty, strong flying pheasants and large hunting fields are what we are known for. We have ducks, pheasants, and chuckers. You will never go home empty-handed. We also have pointers and flushers at your disposal, our dogs hunt with anyone!

Call us today to set up a hunt, we offer morning and afternoon hunts. You pick how many and what kind of bird or hunting experience you would like, how many people and whether you need to rent one of our state-of-the-art hunting dogs or want one of our guides to assure your hunt is successful. Birds will be set up or released just before/at the time of your hunt. There are wet and dry areas for you to work with your own dog, as long as you talk to the boss first. The process is simple! Our staff is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

our private preserve has its benefits


As a member at Traxler’s you have the opportunity to bring your guest, family, friends and clients to enjoy a age old tradition of hunting the great outdoors. We limit the amount of memberships available in an effort to give our members maximum access to hunting reservation. You  don’t need a license and there is no limit to the number of birds bagged. You pay for the birds release and shot. 

tune up your waterfowl skills with a


work the fields with a

Pheasant Hunt

  • Member Pricing
    per bird
  • Non-Member
    per bird

prices above are current

work on training your dog with a

Chukar Hunt

  • Member Pricing
    per bird

  • Non-Member
    per bird

prices above are current when chukars are available

see our

Addtional Pricing

  • Individual Membership
    (membership is limited to a total of 375)
  • Corporate Membership
    (4 cards)
  • Use of Dog
    use of one of our trained dogs – per hunt
  • Bird Processing
    (per bird)
  • Trap Shells
    (per box)
  • Hunting Shells
    (steel shot – per box)
  • Sporting Clays
    (50 round)
  • 25 Clay Pigeons
  • Pistol Target Range

Bird Prices Subject to Change. Please Call for Complete Details.

First Time Hunt – No Membership is Required

If you don’t have a dog, we have dogs and guides available to assure your successful hunt. Please let us know when you make reservations. We have both pointers and flushers at your disposal. Guides are optional. Our dogs hunt with anyone. Please leave a message if we’re out, so we can get right back to you.

  • Sales Tax where applicable.
  • All prices subject to change…

Please call for details.

(subject to availability)

We also offer several Continental Shoots during the year or we will schedule a Private Continental Shoot.

We will reserve the hunting preserve for a full day, and supply your party with food. Call for more information and reservations. If you don’t have a dog, please let us know when you make reservations. We have dogs and guides available to assure your successful hunt.

We have both pointers and flushers at your disposal. Our dogs hunt with anyone. Guides are optional.

Our release of liability waiver form must be signed and completed onsite while checking in BEFORE you may hunt. This form is for your viewing only. Sales tax where applicable and all prices are subject to change.

First time hunters are welcome – NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED – only one trial hunt without membership.

fine tune your shooting skills on our

Sporting Clays – Trap Range

Touch up your shooting skills at our woods walk through sporting clay range! Shoot our 8 station, 50 bird course, which was recently upgraded.

we also have a private

Pistol Range

Our pistol range is open to our members only. It features a multiple different targets to fine tune your pistol shooting skills in a safe environment. We ask however that you call ahead of time to check availability and reserve times to use. The pistol range is for MEMBERS ONLY.