September 1st - 2023


Opens September 1st - 2023
Lunch Hours: 10:30-1pm
Wed - Mon (Sept.-Dec.)
Wed - Sun (Jan & March)

After the Hunt Enjoy


Many of our guests feel that a large part of what is so great about a hunt at Traxler’s is what comes afterwards! The great food, cozy atmosphere, comradeship and conversations that happen at the Clubhouse are unbeatable.

It’s a great place to relax and have a meal. The large TV with surround sound, 2 fireplaces, dining area, large bar and conference room are just some of the many special amenities.

Our clubhouse is available for


Looking to host your company event? Maybe even a end of the year or holiday party? Traxler’s is available for all your corporate or family events, with our large dinning area we can accommodate almost any size private event.